Fox Run Green Neighborhood - West Bloomfield, Michigan

Aside from West Bloomfield Township statutes, residents of Fox Run Green subdivision must also adhere to a number of covenants, conditions and restrictions as registered with Oakland County by Pulte Homes of Michigan on March 3, 1977. The following is a condensed version of those covenants. Any questions regarding them should be directed at the Fox Run Green Home Owners Association Board of Directors, by email at, by phone (see board of directors) or by attending one of the 11 monthly Board meetings or annual meeting held each October.

Convenant Summary

Our subdivision covenants include that no boats, RVs, trailers, or unregistered vehicles are to be kept on homeowner’s property except for inside garages. We understand that a boat/RV might be on the driveway for a weekend, but not for weeks on end. Please be advised that this is your notification to remove any of these items before W. Bloomfield Code Enforcement is notified.

The covenants also state that all outside structures need to be presented to the board and approved before they are built.

Here is a condensed version of the Covenants: Condensed Covenants of Fox Run Green HOA

Landlords, please inform your tenants of these rules.

Shed Policy

All sheds must be approved by West Bloomfield Township.  In addition to Township guidelines, the Board has the following limitations: sheds are to be no more than 100sq ft in area, no taller than 10ft, and should be placed in the back yard such that they are not easily visible from the street.  They must be placed a minimum of 5 feet from the lot line.

Fence Policy

All fences must be approved by West Bloomfield Township.  In addition to Township guidelines, the Board will generally not approve fences unless they are required to protect a pool or spa, or if they are for a dog run.  Dog runs must be placed in the back yard, and not extend past the sides of the house.


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