Board Meeting/Annual Meeting Dates

Fox-Run-Green There is an Annual Homeowners Association Meeting each October. You will receive a special notice via mail at least one month before the Annual Meeting to notify you of the date, time, location and agenda. You are encouraged to attend and participate in all subdivision meetings.

Dates of 2022-2023 Board Meetings:

November 2, 2022 – Annual Meeting

West Bloomfield Library Community Room  –  7:00 PM

* Indicates Community Meetings

The Community Meetings may continue to be via Zoom or held outdoors in Sully Sullivan Park near the play area if necessary due to covid. Please bring a chair. Community meetings will be held from 7:30 – 8:30 p.m.

All Fox Run Green homeowners in good standing (dues up to date) are welcome at our F.R.G. Community Board Meetings, and homeowner input is encouraged.

The F.R.G. budget and status will be available to homeowners in good standing  by contacting I.P.M. and requesting an E-mailed copy.